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'Vanderpump Rules': How Scheana Shay Met Her New Boyfriend

Love is in the air for one cast member on Vanderpump Rules, and frankly, it’s about time. Scheana Shay has been one of the most unlucky cast members in the franchise when it comes to relationships. Not only has she gotten divorced but the relationships that she’s had after the dissolution of her marriage have also gone up in flames.

But Shay’s luck may have finally changed. She’s now in a new relationship and seems pretty optimistic about where this one is going.

Scheana Shay’s romances on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

If there is one thing that you should know about Shay, it’s that she is a hopeless romantic, which may be why she stays in relationships for as long as she does. Her marriage to Michael Shay crumbled after she realized that he had a serious drug problem.

“There were a lot of things from the beginning of our marriage that kind of tainted the whole relationship,” the Vanderpump Rules star told E! News. “Three months in I found out he had a pill problem. Right before our one-year anniversary, I saw some inappropriate text messages. Then, fast forward to our second anniversary, and I’m just trying to pretend like everything’s fine, because in my mind, we’re married—for better or for worse.”

After the marriage ended, she went on to date Robert Valletta, who she fell quickly in love with, but her feelings weren’t reciprocated. Once that relationship ended, Shay tried her luck with SUR barback Adam Spott, but the two never made it from friends with benefits to something more serious.

How did Scheana Shay and her new boyfriend meet?

Shay’s boyfriend Brock Davies had no idea who she was when they first met.

Just monkeying around in Bali 🐒

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“Yeah, so when we first met, I just thought she was cute,” he said on the Nov. 29 episode of Shay’s podcast Scheananigans. “I met a couple of her friends then, and I was like, ‘Ugh, L.A. chicks, stay away from these girls.’ And then we just chatted. The next day I figured out who she was because I didn’t know anything about her, so my mate told me her name, went on her social media. I was like, ‘Who is this chick? A million followers? Whatever.’ So then I slid into her DMs and then we hung out.” 

The two had an instant spark.

“From the get-go, it was just fun,” he continued. “It was easy and it was good, so I liked her from the beginning. And then to get to realize her other world she lives in now is pretty interesting. But it’s been a bit of a good trip for me. I enjoy it.”

How is Shay’s boyfriend handling life in the spotlight?

While Davies’ family had seen Vanderpump Rules before and knew what a big deal Shay was, he had not. So he had no idea what he was in for when he started dating the reality star.

“Yeah, so I brought him to BravoCon with me, not knowing the level it was gonna be of insanity,” she said in the episode. “And so, literally, the first night we’re walking out of our car, I know there’s gonna be paparazzi and stuff. And we still haven’t posted like a static post yet. I’m like, you guys don’t get that yet. I’ll post some Stories here and there so you can see a little bit, we’re doing this podcast, but I don’t really get much of a private life, obviously, and you’re not gonna have much of one anymore soon, either,” she told Davies. “But I just feel like every other guy I’ve dated I’ve always like shoved down people’s throats and posted and posted and posted and posted.”

Single Scheana died in Bali…🤫 Tune in to our @scheananigans Friendsgiving episode for all the deets!

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But luckily, Davis isn’t afraid of all of the attention.

“But by the end of the weekend, he was in the middle of the crowd when I was performing ‘Good as Gold,’ doing the splits onstage in front of 2,300 people, and he just blended in.”

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Jack Black Totally Forgot He Was In This Christmas Movie

Jack Black was on the red carpet for his latest movie, Jumanji: The Next Level. Black returns as Professor Sheldon Oberon the avatar of a map reader who helps the characters in the game get from level to level. In Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Bethany (Madison Iseman) played as Oberon. The Next Level is a little different. Since Jumanji opens in just before Christmas, a reporter from Variety asked Black what his favorite holiday movie was. 

Jack Black was in a Christmas movie, but don’t tell him that. He honestly didn’t remember. Perhaps we should cut Black a break. He has been in so many movies, plus his musical endeavors with Tenacious D, he can’t possibly remember every one. But Black handled his snafu in pure Jack Black style. 

Jack Black said this is his favorite Christmas movie

It all started when the Variety reporter asked Jack Black what his favorite holiday movie was. Black thought about it for a moment. When he came up with an answer, few would argue with his Christmas movie pick.

“My favorite holiday film, it’s gotta be Elf,” Black told Variety. Because once agin, Jon Favreau, and Will Ferrell just knocking it out of the park.”

Elf is a perfectly good choice for favorite Christmas movie. Ferrell stars as Buddy, a human raised by Christmas elves who has the purest, most enthusiastic Christmas spirit ever. He goes to New York to look for his human parents where Buddy encounters a city that doesn’t quite measure up to his Christmas standards. He is undeterred though and pretty much forces New York to get festive, Will Ferrell style.

It was only Favreau’s second movie as a director, after his indie film Made. Favreau handled the comedy and the magical Christmas elements deftly. It’s easy to see how he went further and further with Iron Man and The Jungle Book

Jack Black was in this Christmas movie

It’s okay if you don’t remember every Christmas movie there was. There are new ones added to the list every year. Black costarred in the 2006 movie The Holiday, written and directed by Nancy Meyers.

Cameron Diaz plays Amanda, an American woman who trades houses with Iris (Kate Winslet) for Christmas. They each learn the holiday spirit from experiencing each other’s worlds, Amanda in England and Iris in Los Angeles. Jack Black plays Miles, a songwriter Iris meets in L.A. so it takes advantage of his musical skills too.

When reminded of ‘The Holiday,’ he recovered beautifully

The Variety reporter was impressed that Jack Black chose someone else’s Christmas movie as his favorite. When she said he could have picked his own Christmas movie, Black was stumped for a moment.

“Do I have a Christmas movie?” Black asked. “Which one is mine?”

He didn’t need to be prompted to remember the movie though. And when Jack Black remembered, he became very enthusiastic. So Nancy Meyers, please hire Jack Black again.

“Oh, The Holiday!” Black said. “Obviously The Holiday. Nancy Meyers, genius! Let’s do this.”

This Christmas, Jack Black stars in Jumanji: The Next Level in theaters December 13.

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Nicola Sturgeon's SNP set to sweep the board in Scotland

NICOLA Sturgeon’s SNP is set to sweep the board in Scotland and could help Jeremy Corbyn run England with just three per cent of the national vote.

Ms Sturgeon is predicted to win 41 of Scotland’s 58 seats on December 12 – placing herself in a powerful position in Westminster.


Among the constituencies she is set to gain are Tory-held areas in Angus, and Ochil and South Perthshire, according to YouGov.

In recent weeks the SNP boss – who has launched her campaign on an anti-Brexit ticket – has made herself open to a coalition government with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, in the case of a hung Parliament.

Teaming together, the “progressive alliance” would boot Boris Johnson out of No10.

However, Ms Sturgeon has warned Mr Corbyn that the only way she will prop up his government is if the Scottish people are given a second vote on independence.

This is something that the leftie-leader has been reluctant to deliver on immediately, hinting that he would prefer to give Scots a vote in his second term.

I just don’t believe, if you have the potential for a minority Labour government, they are going to turn their back on the ability to govern over the question of a year.

However, Labour has appeared to be more open to the idea in recent weeks – if Scotland returns a pro-independence majority in that year’s Holyrood elections in 2021.

Ms Sturgeon told The Guardian: “The principle is that the fact of and the timing of an independence referendum should be for the Scottish parliament, elected by the Scottish people, to decide.

“I just don’t believe, if you have the potential for a minority Labour government, they are going to turn their back on the ability to govern over the question of a year.”

However, pollsters north of the border are not entirely convinced the Scottish Tories are in for a dismal December .


Mark Diffley, an Edinburgh-based polling consultant, told the FT the party might have a “fighting chance” of holding on to most of the 13 seats they won in 2017.

He said: “The Tories, if they do hold on to say 10 of their 13 seats, will be absolutely delirious, because it didn’t look like that at all pre-campaign.”

Regardless of pre-vote predictions Tory chiefs are very wary of complacency setting among voters with concerns that tales of huge lead for Boris in England could deliver Mr Corbyn and Ms Sturgeon the Keys to No10.

A repeated attack line for Mr Johnson has been to warn Brits a vote for the SNP & Labour coaltion means two things: more referendums on Scottish independence and Brexit.

Mr Corbyn's muddled Brexit policy is to broker a “credible” deal with Brussels and versus remaining in the EU.

He will then put both options back to the public with a second referendum – but has yet to say how the party would campaign.

Mr Johnson said: “Nothing could do more damage to our democracy than for Parliament to break the promises made because politicians don't agree with the voters.

"Let's not go back into a parliamentary Groundhog Day nightmare with Jeremy Corbyn propped up by Nicola Sturgeon."

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Liz Hurley claims she and the Queen share the same stalker

Liz Hurley may have played a queen consort of England in E!’s The Royals, but aside from that, her life doesn’t exactly mirror Her Majesty’s.

Except, apparently, in one surprising way.

The 54-year-old has claimed she shares a stalker with the Queen, and that’s not really a common thread you want.

The Austin Powers actress was on Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen and Stephen Dorff when a viewer called in to ask what her weirdest fan interaction was.

Liz said: ‘Well, in the office in London, we have a file called “nutters”. Every time particular people send mail, they have to go into the nutter file.

‘There’s one nutter – I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this – he only stalks two people. I’m one of them, and the other is the Queen of England. So as it happens, every time he changes location, we get told by Scotland Yard.’

The actress – who is mum to model Damian Hurley – added that she really shouldn’t be talking about said stalker.

While Liz and Elizabeth share names and, apparently, a stalker, Hurley isn’t the biggest fan of the Royal Family, it seems.

When asked which real-life Royal she would like to portray on film, she said: ‘None of them. Dreary.’

The Bedazzled star gave a raunchy twist on the monarchy in four series of The Royals, in which she played Queen Helena.

However, the fifth series for the show wasn’t picked up, and Liz admits that she wasn’t happy with the ending.

She told Andy: ‘We didn’t expect it to end. Everybody thought there would definitely be a fifth season, so the storylines weren’t really finished properly.

‘I think a lot of the fans were upset that we didn’t tie up loose ends. We were upset, too, in a way.’

And when asked whether the show may return, Liz stomped all over fans’ dreams by saying: ‘Unlikely. I think the sets were burned. They’re gone.’

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Jumanji: The Next Level Review Roundup

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was a major success in 2017 when it scored well with critics and went on to make a gargantuan $962 million at the global box office. The sequel, The Next Level, opens in theatres on December 13 behind a lot of anticipation and hype.

Reviews for the big-budget action film, which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan, have begun to appear online. To help you decide if it’s worth your time, we’re collecting excerpts from reviews into a roundup so you can get a glimpse at the critical reception quickly.

Like the 2017 film, The Next Level sees a group of teens–and this time a pair of old men played by Danny DeVito and Danny Glover–get sucked into the video game Jumanji. In the jungle world of Jumanji they take on different avatars of younger people. An adventure full of action and silliness ensues.

Crazy Rich Asians star Awkwafina and Game of Thrones actor Rory McCann also join the cast for The Next Level, while Nick Jonas and Rhys Darby reprise their characters from the first movie. Jake Kasdan, the son of legendary Star Wars writer Lawrence Kasdan and director of 2017’s Jumanji, returns to direct The Next Level.

Scroll down to see excerpts from reviews, while you can visit GameSpot sister site Metacritic to see a deeper breakdown of the movie’s critical reception.

The Jumanji series is based on the Chris Van Allsburg children’s book. It was first adapted for the screen with 1995’s Jumanji starring Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, and Kirsten Dunst.

Jumanji: The Next Level

  • Directed By: Jake Kasdan
  • Written By: Jake Kasdan, Jeff Pinker, Scott Rosenberg
  • Starring: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, Danny DeVito, Danny Glover, Rhys Darby, Awkwafina, and Nick Jonas.
  • Release Date: December 13 (US)


“All told, Jumanji: The Next Level just never manages to find enough a solid enough foundation to make things work the way they ought to. Sure, you’re going to probably get a handful of decent laughs and, if you’re a person who plays video games, you’ll catch more than a few clever nods to various genre conventions and story tropes, but there just isn’t enough meat on those bones to make its 2 hour run time worthwhile.” — Meg Downey [Full review]


“Jumanji: The Next Level is a blast. Instead of relying solely on its proven premise, we get to know more about the kids and the adults playing the game. There are still moments of silliness, but there is also a whole lot of heart here. What seems like something that is going to be a tired retread turns out to be far more fun than expected.” — Jenna Busch [Full review]

The Wrap

“It is, most importantly, amusing and creative. It may not follow its storylines to the most logical conclusions, and it may not reinvent the action movie as we know it. It’s still an enjoyable blockbuster sequel that tries to infuse the original idea with a couple new ideas, while setting the stage for more exciting adventures to come.” — William Bibbiani [Full review]

Consequence of Sound

“As kids’ fare goes, this series remains weird enough to not totally write it off. But for the next version, they might have to work out some of the bugs.” — Clint Worthington [Full review]

Entertainment Weekly

“But maybe, like adolescent heroes, movie franchises go through growing pains, too; if Sony comes up with a third boss to best, there’s plenty of room in Jumanji to let more feeling in alongside the action. Because even if The Next Level doesn’t set a new high score, it still proves this franchise isn’t out of lives just yet.” — Mary Sollosi [Full review]

The Hollywood Reporter

Viewers who think the movie hangs onto enjoyability as precariously as an action hero with seven fingertips clawed into a crumbling cliffside may sigh with relief when, once they’re safe back home, our young stars swear enthusiastically never to go back to the world of Jumanji. Those viewers would be wise to note that nobody swore the studio wouldn’t someday soon bring the world of Jumanji to them. — John DeFore [Full review]

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Andy Dick Sentenced to 14 Days in Jail for Sexual Battery Case — But Is Released After Only 1 Day

Andy Dick has been sentenced to jail — but is already a free man.

The comedian, who has been embroiled in a sexual battery case, was recently sentenced to 14 days behind bars for two charges — one for sexual battery and one for simple battery, TMZ reports.

The sentencing came after Dick, 53, failed to serve his court-mandated community service, according to the outlet.

However, inmate records from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department obtained by PEOPLE indicate that once the comedian reported to the Van Nuys Jail on Dec. 6, Dick was released just one day later on Dec. 7.

The reason for his release was reportedly due to overcrowding in the jail, according to TMZ.

A rep for Dick and a spokesperson at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

The latest jail sentence comes more than a year after Dick was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and misdemeanor simple battery for allegedly groping a woman who passed him on the streets of Los Angeles.

At the time, TMZ reported that Dick allegedly squeezed the stranger’s backside twice and made lewd comments to her. Dick pleaded no contest and was given community service.

But that was far from the first time that the comedian was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior.

In October, Dick pleaded not guilty in court after being accused of groping an Uber driver in April 2018 and charged with one misdemeanor count of sexual battery, the Los Angeles County District Attorney confirmed to PEOPLE.

The Uber driver who accused Dick claimed the comedian had reached over and grabbed his genitals during a car ride using the rideshare service, according to TMZ.

Dick’s attorney Daniel Kapelovitz denied the allegations in a statement to the Los Angeles Times, saying the “allegations against Andy Dick are completely baseless.”

RELATED: Comedian Andy Dick Pleads Not Guilty After Allegedly Groping an Uber Driver

Then in Oct. 2017, sources told The Hollywood Reporter in an article that the actor groped, kissed and licked people’s cheeks, as well as made sexual proposals, involving at least four people on the production of the independent feature Raising Buchanan.

THR also reported that Dick had been fired from the low-budget comedy Vampire Dad after similar accusations.

Dick responded to THR concerning the Raising Buchanan accusations, denying the groping claims. However, he confirmed that he did lick people.

“I didn’t grope anybody. I might have kissed somebody on the cheek to say goodbye and then licked them. That’s my thing,” he claimed. “I licked Carrie Fisher at a roast. It’s me being funny. I’m not trying to sexually harass people. I didn’t grab anybody’s genitals.”

He also admitted to THR that he propositioned people on set.

“Of course I’m going to proposition people,” Dick said. “I’m single, depressed, lonely and trying to get a date. They can just say no, and they probably did and then I was done.”

The actor said that the different sexual climate in his youth makes him unsure of what the appropriate behavior is now.

“I don’t know the difference between sexual harassment and trying to get a date,” the comedian said. “In the ’70s, all the girlfriends I got was by kissing and licking their cheek. I don’t know anymore. There were beautiful women and beautiful guys on the set. I flirt with them. I might kiss someone on the set and ask them to go to dinner. They are the ones that took it south.”

Dick added that he believes he angered his colleagues on the project by bringing up disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, with whom he made two films. “They were so incensed by what I was saying,” he said. “People are so sensitive.”

The comedian has also run into trouble in the past for similar incidents. In 2007, Dick was dragged off the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live by the host himself, after repeatedly touching Ivanka Trump — who appeared as a guest on the show the same night as Dick — live on the air.

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Britney Spears Will Fight For Increased Custody Of Her Kids In 2020!

Britney Spears is ready to do whatever it takes to spend more time with her kids.

According to Us Weekly, the entertainer has big plans to return to court at the top of the coming year and plead her case to a judge for a change in her custody agreement with ex Kevin Federline.

A source who spoke to the outlet said the Baby One More Time singer hopes to even the playing field when it comes to spending time with her two children, Preston, 14, and Jayden, 13. Right now, she and the 41-year-old DJ have a 70/30 split in shared custody of their brood, but that all may change come 2020!

The insider dished on Brit’s plan of action and explained:

“Britney’s goal in the new year is to go to family court and petition the judge for increased custody time with the boys. She will have the boys on Christmas Eve, and they will go to their dad’s at some point on Christmas Day.”

The pop icon clearly wants to get back to the former couple’s previously established 50/50 terms. and it sounds like she’s already got a head start on enforcing that with their joint Christmas plans… which is a great start!

Sources close to Brit and K-Fed recently revealed they do not have much of a relationship outside co-parenting their kids, but hopefully, they can find a peaceful common ground in their responsibilities as caretakers.

As our readers will recall, back in September, a judge ruled the Toxic singer would have to cut back on time spent with her boys amid ongoing controversy with their grandfather, Jamie Spears.

The 38-year-old’s legal conservatorship drama with her estranged pops has certainly caused issues among the family. However, their overall dynamic really took a turn for the worse after the patriarch’s reported physical altercation with Preston in August — which forced the teen’s father to step in and obtain an emergency restraining order against Jamie.

The source told Us the messy situation served as a nail in the coffin for Brit’s relationship with her dad:

“The relationship between Jamie and Britney has completely fallen apart. Britney remains very angry at Jamie because his actions with her kids resulted in losing custody time with the kids.”

Well, that’s totally understandable and we’d be upset if things played out this way, too!

The momma of two has been doing much better these days while focusing on her mental health and overall happiness with the help of doting boyfriend, Sam Asghari. Having those loving children around more might help in that department, too!

More Changes Are Coming!

There is also a status hearing set for January 22 to deal with the singer’s conservator status, where “findings of the probate investigator report will be discussed.”

For those who may not recall, Spears was ordered to undergo an independent expert evaluation back in May as a source told Us that she was “exploring formally petitioning the court to end the conservatorship.” Results from that report may spell even more big changes for Brit who’s been under the legally binding contract since 2008.

Her current care manager, Jodi Montgomery, has taken over as conservator until the January hearing.

Good luck with everything in court, girl!

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