Monday, December 16, 2019

You season two: Killer Joe's ex

Our favourite serial killer Joe Goldberg is back for a second season of You, starring Gossip Girl's very own Penn Badgley.

Penn plays the main character in the sinister series, who became deliriously obsessed with his love interest Guinevere Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail, in the first season.

Unable to control the situation or his horrifying obsession with Beck, he goes on a killing spree, murdering Beck, her ex Benji (Lou Taylor Pucci), and her best friend Peach (Shay Mitchell) .

The season finale saw Joe following a girl around the bookstore he works at before coming face-to-face with his ex Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers), who he thought he'd murdered prior to meeting Beck.

Surprised by her appearance, Joe says: "Candace," before she replies, "I think we have some unfinished business to talk about."

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Now, in the second season of the incredible 7.7 star IMDb-ranked show, Joe is looking to start a new life.

In a voiceover, he says: "It's hard to have a fresh start, when the past is on your mind," as flashing scenes of his past relationship with Beck comes on screen.

From here, another flashback occurs, one that we as the audience never got to see before: how Candace was seemingly murdered.

Faded clips of Candace can be seen tied up in the trunk of a car. Terrified, she looks up at Joe before she makes her escape and runs into the woods, with her almost-killer close behind.

The voiceover continues: "But it's a new me."

But, leaving all this behind, we see Joe arriving in Los Angeles, before introducing himself to an unknown character as Will Bettleheim.

The woman replies: "Your credit came back sparkling, but I looked you up and you're not on any socials, thought you might be some kind of freak."

Going back to his old stalker-y ways, we see Joe held up in an apartment, looking through a telescope as he stalks a girl reading a book.

The voiceover says: "I'm told LA is what you make of it, who you surround yourself with."

He's then in a supermarket, looking over at the same girl as the voiceover says: "Hello, you." The girl he was stalking looks up at him and reaches her hand out, introducing herself as "Love".

The voiceover continues: "Maybe I should run, but I don't want to."

Scene upon scene shows the two sharing intimate moments together, from cooking to kissing. But all of this is ruined by the arrival of Candace, as she corners him in a coffee shop.

Looking mildly annoyed, Joe asks: "What do you want, Candace?" before she knowingly replies: "You did it again, didn't you?"

We suddenly see terrifying scenes of Joe cutting into something on a metal slab, Joe sitting fully-clothed in a bathtub with his hands covered in blood, and Candace watching the cold-blooded murderer in various situations, including a funeral.

At one point Candace even attempts to stab Joe as he fights her off.

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In a spine-chilling turn, we hear Candace say: "If he loves you, that's the most dangerous thing."

In another voiceover Joe can be heard, referring to his new girlfriend, saying: "I won't let this situation go bad. Nothing is okay without you, Love."

The trailer concludes with Joe flipping on a light switch to reveal the glass cell in which he murdered Beck. The camera pans behind him as he looks down at her lifeless body. We see a glimpse of the bloody body on the floor before the clip ends.

Season two of You will begin streaming on Netflix on 26 December.

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