Thursday, December 26, 2019

Romesh Ranganathan shares moment his son was knocked unconscious

Comic Romesh Ranganathan pens thank-you letter to kind strangers who helped when his son was knocked unconscious – saying ‘you made a horrific situation bearable’

  • Ranganathan, 41, told of moment his young son was knocked unconscious
  • He says Alex was running over to his wife Leesa after being winded by a football
  • On the way, the youngster tripped and banged his head, knocking himself out 
  • Comedian thanked couple who helped his son and calmed his wife while waiting for an ambulance to take them to hospital

Funnyman Romesh Ranganathan has written an open letter to a couple who helped his son after he was knocked unconscious in a ‘horrific’ playground fall. 

The 41-year-old comedian revealed, in a letter published in The Guardian, that while he was away on tour his son Alex had fallen and hit his head, rendering him unconscious, while in the park with Ranganathan’s wife Leesa.  

In the letter, he thanked couple Tom and Lisa Grimshaw after they came to his family’s aid during the ‘horrible’ incident, saying they helped to calm an otherwise ‘traumatic’ situation.  

The father-of-three told how his son Alex was playing football with his friends, while Leesa was helping their youngest son play on the climbing frame. 

Romesh Ranganathan and his wife Leesa, with two of the couple’s young children pictured in 2014. The comedian wrote an open letter to couple Tom and Lisa Grimshaw for coming to Leesa’s aid when their son Alex was knocked out after hitting his head

Ranganathan (pictured hosting Live at The Apollo) said the couple went ‘above and beyond’ to help his family

After he was blasted with the ball, Alex ran over to his mother for some TLC but fell and hit his head, knocking him out completely.

A stranger called Tom immediately ran up and checked on child before telling his wife to phone an ambulance. 

Another stranger, called Lisa, went to go and get ice for Alex while Tom watched over the child. 

Speaking in the letter, Romesh thanked the strangers, who he said helped to ‘restore his faith’ in the decency of humans. 

‘You two did everything you could to help, staying so my wife wasn’t alone in an obviously traumatic situation’, said the comedian. 

 He told that the ambulance soon arrived and confirmed their would be okay, but said he was heartbroken as his wife relayed the story to him. 

The comedian revealed his son had run over to his mother after being winded by a football, and tripped and hit his head while trying to reach her 

He went on: ‘You made a horrific situation bearable for her and you went above and beyond the call of stranger duty to help her out.’ 

He joked that he didn’t feel he would have been anywhere near ‘as effective’ as Tom and Lisa would have been in that situation – and his wife would had another person to try and calm down.  

It  isn’t the first time Romesh has missed a big event thanks to his busy tour schedule. In 2014, he missed the birth of the couple’s third child. 

This isn’t the first time Romesh has missed a monumental event thanks to his busy tour schedule – in 2014, he reportedly missed the birth of his third child 

Leesa was admitted to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary during The Edinburgh Fringe Festival where Romesh was appearing to perform stand-up, and gave birth to their son Charlie. 

He previously told the Guardian that his wife was ‘really chilled’ about the whole situation and hailed her the most ‘laid-back’ person on the globe. 

Romesh said: ‘She was being really chilled out about it – she’s the most laid-back woman in the world. I panic a lot more than she does.’ 

The former maths teacher revealed that he told the audience at his show that his wife had given birth to his son – but didn’t think the crowd believed him.  

He added: ‘I was pretty convinced the audience thought I was making it up.’ 

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