Saturday, December 21, 2019

Labour lefties need to listen to the public instead of blaming anyone but themselves – The Sun

Travelling home on Thursday, someone on the train asked me who I thought should be Labour’s next leader.

I told them my cat would do a better job than Corbyn.

Ten days since Labour’s drubbing and he still hasn’t been shown the door. He’s hanging on to stitch up the leadership for hard-left candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey.

Some of his supporters set up a Twitter campaign called #JeremyWasRight!

What planet are they on? They just suffered the biggest battering for almost a century.

Let me spell it out for them. You were wrong.

Wrong to block Brexit. Wrong to present a manifesto costing billions. And wrong to ask Britain to vote for an unelectable old leftie.

But none of the candidates to replace Corbyn seem to understand why they suffered such a crushing defeat.


Keir Starmer praised Corbyn’s “radicalism” and said Labour should build on his disastrous approach.

And let’s not forget he sat in Corbyn’s top team as decent MPs were driven out and the party was poisoned by racism and extremism.

Emily Thornberry launched her campaign by suggesting Labour should have blocked the election. The rest of us thought they needed a leader the country could vote for.

Along with Rebecca Long-Bailey and David Lammy, she nominated Corbyn for the leadership — and that should rule all of them out of replacing him.

There’s another long list of candidates for deputy leader. The most ridiculous has to be Richard Burgon.

The Leeds MP said: “The mistake we made was being persuaded that people did not quite want to get Brexit done as their top priority.”

Can someone provide a translation?

Labour lefties are blaming anyone but themselves. But the public won’t begin listening until they know you have listened to them.

And if they carry on like this, Boris can look forward to years ahead in No10.

  • Ian Austin was Labour MP for Dudley North, 2005-2019

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