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Eamonn Holmes: Fiona Phillips talks pair being told off by GMTV team in candid admission

Fiona Phillips, 58, joined the ITV morning show GMTV back in 1997 before her departure in 2008. The host regularly fronted the show alongside Eamonn Holmes, 60, who began working on the show in 1993.

We were always getting told off by producers because we talked too much

Fiona Phillips

Reflecting on her time on the show, Fiona laughed as she recalled the “great fun” she had with her co-host, which she claims sometimes led to them being light-heartedly told off by producers.

She said: “We had great fun, we spent a lot of time laughing and always getting told off by producers because we talked too much or we ran over time, and did things we weren’t supposed to but it was great.

“He was often in my dressing room… he’d go on a gossip rant.

“We spent a lot of time in our dressing rooms and we had great fun. We had the same working class background and we knew our audience.


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“It was the number one breakfast show… no one came near us at the time.”

Discussing when Eamonn stepped down from his role on the show, she added: “I was really sad when he went and then I went… it was Ben [Shephard] on my last day.

“I know I was a bit tearful thinking what have I done but it was the right decision because of my parents.

“My parents lived in Wales so I was travelling there every weekend and they were ill.”

Eamonn is now a regular presenter on This Morning alongside his wife Ruth Langsford, and a regular host on Talk Radio.

During her broadcasting career, Fiona has also been a panelist on Loose Women.

She joined the panel in 2002 and has returned as a guest anchor in various other years.

Fiona Phillips said despite loving her time on the show, she felt “uncomfortable” discussing personal topics live on-air such as her family.

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“I never really felt as though it was the right fit for me,” she spilled.

“I’d feel uncomfortable talking about my family, I’ve always been quite private about my family, I’ve never used them in my career or anything.”

The mother-of-two went on to say if she was to speak about her private life on the show now, her “life would be a mess”.

She added: “If I said something about our private lives, my husband wouldn’t speak to me again. My life would be a mess if I was still on there.”


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When asked if she would return to the show, Fiona replied: “No, do you know what… it’s weird… I’ve been brought up around boys, I’ve got sons and brothers, and I’ve never had a sister, I’ve got brilliant friends who are women but I’m not one of those women who sits around gossiping.

“Like I’ve never dreamt of having a white wedding or anything, I’m just not a girly girl.

“I always felt a bit… not a fraud but felt… I’m more of a man’s woman than a woman’s woman.”

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