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‘Blue Bloods’: How Tall Is Tom Selleck?

During episodes of “BlueBloods,” it’s hard not to notice how much taller TomSelleck looks than his co-stars. In most scenes, Selleck is towering overthe other actors. How tall is Tom Selleck? Here’s what Showbiz Cheat Sheetknows about Tom Selleck’s height.

Tom Selleck originally wanted to become a sports star

Acting wasn’t Selleck’s initial career choice. His firstlove was sports. Surprisingly, Selleck said he wasn’t interested in acting. “Inever did school plays. I had no interest,” he toldAARP magazine. At one point, it seemed Selleck’s height would help him become abasketball star, but it wasn’t meant to be. He studied at the University ofSouthern California, where he was awarded a basketball scholarship during hissenior year. However, Selleck didn’t have what it took to become a professionalbasketball player. “I was pretty good, but I wasn’t good enough,” Selleck toldthe publication.

 How tall is Tom Selleck?

Tom Selleck is reportedly six feet, four inches tall. Thisexplains why he appears so much bigger than his cast mates. Co-star DonnieWahlberg told CBS when he first met Selleck he couldn’t help but notice howlarge he is. In his “CBS Watch!” interview, Wahlberg said the first thing henoticed was Selleck’s height. “My first impression of Tom when the show firststarted was, ‘Man, he’s freaking big!’ He’s a tall guy. I said, Danny Reaganwill have to tell the story that he inherited grandpa’s genes and not dad’s,”he joked.

Will Estes says Tom Selleck looks like a movie star

During an interview with the hosts of “The Talk,” Will Estes shared what it’s like to work with Selleck. “He’s incredible. He’s such a professional; he’s so studied. He knows his character so well. He could write, produce, and direct that show, but he maintains that he just wants to act in it. But when you work with him, you can see just how good he is at what he does. It’s a treat every day,” said Estes.

Former “The Talk” host Julie Chen Moonves commented on howmuch of a star Selleck is. “When he walks in the room, you’re like, ‘Now that’sa star,’ said Chen Moonves. He has this aura about him, and it’s like, ‘Wow.’”Estes agreed, saying, “Some people look like movie stars completely on film. Helooks like a movie star when he’s standing in the room.”

Bridget Moynahan thinks Tom Selleck is ‘a stud’

During an interview with “Access Hollywood,” one of the hosts told Bridget Moynahan she used to watch Selleck in his hit show “Magnum P.I.” Moynahan said Selleck was a stud in that show and that he still is today. “I did watch ‘Magnum,’” Moynahan told the host. “He was a stud, and he still is.”

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